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Bitcoin Pyramid Ads is an unusual service for displaying paid ads. You do not pay per month, per click, per impression. You pay for increasing or decreasing the chances of ad to be displayed. All the received money go to random Bitcoin Pyramid members.

How it works:

  1. Anybody can Add an Ad.
  2. Each ad has "Pro" and "Con" bitcoin addresses.
    1. Anybody can deposit any amount to these addresses to support or oppose the ad.
    2. Deposited money goes to random pyramid members.[1]
  3. Ad's score = (amount deposited to "Pro") - (amount deposited to "Con").
    1. Ads with score > 0 are randomly chosen to be displayed on the bottom of each page of the site (chances of being randomly chosen depend on ad's score[2]).
    2. Ads with score <= 0 and inappropriate/erroneous/spam ads can be deleted by administrator.
  4. All ads can be found in the Ads List (sorted by score in descending order).
  5. Rules can be changed.


  • Number of ads: 906
  • Active ads: 186
  • Total impressions: 11755882
[1] These payments are shown here.
[2] The following algorithm is used to select random ad:
  1. maxScore = SELECT max(score) FROM bpAd;
  2. SELECT AdId FROM bpAd WHERE score > 0 ORDER BY rand()*maxScore/(1+score) limit 1;

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